Photo Pricing

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 Photo pricing is based on the number of edited images that I deliver to you the day after the shoot. Almost every shoot I do falls somewhere within the following range, and I can almost always estimate within a $20 range.

Price Breakdown

Pictures                Price

20                         $100

25                         $110

30                         $120

35                         $130

40                         $140

45                         $150

50                         $160

If you believe your listing or project falls outside of the scope of this price breakdown, just give me a call at 859-797-4714 or shoot me an email at and we can discuss the details.

Twilight Photography



Twilight photography creates a sense of luxury that separates your listing from the pack. for just $80-100 you can get a twilight shoot with 3-5 beautifully edited images like the ones you see above.  


Sky Replacement

Goodbye, dreary MLS photos

I can't control the weather. But I can replace your boring, attention-losing sky with a beautiful blue sky for just $15.





Twilight Conversion

Twilight conversion is an economical way to achieve the luxury look of twilight marketing without paying for an entire additional shoot. Twilight conversion is a detailed photoshop process where I transform a daylight image into a beautiful twilight shot for just $20.





Video Pricing

Video Pricing is based on the square footage of the house. Video is 20% off if you bundle with photos on the same property!

Price Breakdown


Square footage         Price

up to 2,000                $125

up to 4,000                $175


Square footage         Price

up to 2,000                $100

up to 4,000                $140

Drone Pricing

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Drone Photography

Added to listing photos: $30 + $5 per image

Stand-alone: Call or email for a custom quote

Drone Videography

Added to video tour: $50

Stand-alone: Call or email for a custom quote

*Standard drone pricing is intended for residential homes on 1 acre or less. If your property is rural and/or consists of more than 1 acre, please call or email for a custom quote